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Diesel Spring Summer

Keeping users warm with hot models

The sweat, the burning hot skin, the long nights, the colors of the light – we wanted people to really feel that heat when we designed the website for Diesel's Spring/Summer 2013 campaign.

The story
Working on the Diesel Spring Summer 2013 was truly a blast! Not only because we got to work with one of the world’s biggest fashion brands, but also because the collection itself and the collection photography, by world class photographer Sharif Hamza, were nothing short of breathtaking.

Designing digital lookbooks depends a whole lot on the visual content and quality of the collection, so the warm hues, colourful shadows, and hot models made it that much easier to create an enjoyable experience around it.
As our a main concept, we decided to go with the “Hot Summer Days” theme and wrapped up the entire digital Diesel ecosystem with that summer feeling to celebrate the return of the beloved season on all platforms. We wanted the user to leave the site with a strong sense of the brand, its new products and the overall campaign aesthetic, so we matched the colourful imagery with a colourful user interface that actually gets warmer in tone the longer the user stays on the site.
Site design for Diesel's 2013 Spring/Summer campaign
Concept, Design, UX Design, Development
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