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Evolution One


Getting down with big data

The world of data science and data intelligence is revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us. Financial management firm, Evolution One, has embraced the possibilities big data can bring to hedge fund investments. They needed an identity that matched their core values and we were delighted to help.

The story
Investing that hard earned cash can be risky. What should you invest in? Who do you trust with managing both your business and portfolio risks? How can you guarantee achieving a positive return on investment? Life has no guarantees, but having knowledge and foresight can help reduce the size of uncertainties that can accompany investing.

EO recognizes the potential of working with data intelligence in the world of investment. EO also understood they could not rely on data science alone and they still need the value of human intelligence and creativity to succeed. The individual mind holds the power and vision to change the landscape of the innovative space of data science.
We shaped the brand system on the idea of observing a space, having a vision, and then building something new in that arena. That was the basis of the “Indy”, an experimental little circle with a pioneering spirit. When an image is deposited into the “Indy” generator the result is a unique graphic. The simple circle, or space, is transformed into something new. It can go anywhere and be anything.

The brandmark supports the brand system in its high level of flexibility. Maintaining the ability to communicate with a broad spectrum of clients, protect their needs, and ensure trustworthiness.
Brand Identity for Evolution One
Concept & Design