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Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform
Machine Learning

Animated Video

Machine Learning meets abstract expressionism in this thought-provoking video for Google Cloud Platform.

The story

Machine learning is increasingly in every piece of technology we touch – but few people really understand what it is, how it works, and what to do with it. Google Cloud Platform is set to change that reality.

Many Google products, from Photos to Gmail to Maps, are already powered by machine learning, using Google’s own open source machine learning toolbox, TensorFlow. What’s missing is the conversation around Google Cloud Platform’s machine learning offering that is available now for enterprises to use to drive business innovation forward.

That’s where Hello Monday comes in. We partnered with Google Cloud Platform to craft an approachable and aspirational narrative around machine learning. The video will play online and at upcoming conferences to serve as a first step towards driving awareness and getting this exciting technology top of mind for enterprises set to implement it now or in the future.

When designing the visuals for the video, what ultimately inspired us most came from the abstract art movement, Russian Avant Garde and Bauhaus, in particular. Simple shapes, patterns and colors combine energetically to achieve a visually simple representation of this highly complex subject matter, set to a straightforward narrative.

Animation for Google Cloud Platform’s machine learning offering.
Copywriting, concept, illustration, storyboarding, animation