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Spell Up

Making spelling F-U-N

What if you could improve your English by playing a game using your voice? Spell Up uses the latest in web technologies to recognize your voice and help you build up your skills, letter by letter, word by word.

The story

When the first Google Chrome Experiments saw the light of day, we were amazed by the way good ideas, great design, and cutting edge technology came together to change the internet. Little did we know that we would be fortunate enough to take part in this journey a few years later. Let’s be honest, Google Chrome Experiments are a developer’s dream come true.

Spell Up is a Chrome Experiment that enables you to improve your English skills by playing a game with your voice. You listen for words in the game and spell them out loud to build up a word tower.

The Web Speech API automatically translates what you say into letters and words. The higher the tower gets, the more difficult the challenges: you’re asked to pronounce words correctly, solve anagrams, and guess the correct words by filling in the missing letters. Along the way, you earn coins to unlock power ups to add more levels to your tower, faster.

This project was a true test of new technologies and how far we could push ourselves - we used Web Speech API, Text To Speech API, CSS3D, SVG, Web Audio, and App Engine.

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