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The DNA Project

Experience the making of an album

j.viewz, a Brooklyn based artist, had a vision to push the boundaries around the way we currently produce, share and listen to music through his concept of The DNA Project. We took the molecules that encode the genetic makeup of a song into the lab to do just that.

The story
There are many avenues in which we can share, listen to and create music. Songs are recorded, released, and given life. They are shared. Memories, feelings, and moments are created. But, where did those feelings we hear and experience in a song come from? We created a digital platform where j.viewz is able to share the people, places and stories involved in the making of an album with his fans and fellow artists.

j.viewz was funded by Kickstarter to get his vision off the ground. We worked around the DNA metaphor and treated the process much like an album. The goal is to elevate and take the sharing of music to another level as j.viewz uploads his journey.
Users are able to access pieces inside the song, upload files and actually have their own creative influence on the song. j.viewz will complete a new song every month over a 10 month timeline. The genetic code for each song will be uploaded onto the site and the DNA of The DNA Project will live and evolve over the course of the coming year. Once it is complete, there will be a new kind of album that is digitally interactive, collaborative, and helps redefine the way we create and present music.
Website for j.viewz's The DNA Project
Concept, Design, Development
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