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B&O Play

Sensory Spaces

Sound freaks, sharpen your ears...

The Sensory Spaces app unites indie band MEW and B&O PLAY in the quest for better sound experiences. Sharpen your hearing and motor skills to get all the way through an extraordinary interactive journey.

The story

We got really excited when we heard that our good client B&O PLAY was going to team up with the highly renowned Danish indie band MEW. Especially when they asked us to help them conceptualise and execute an idea to turn the collaboration into an experimental digital experience.

The resulting app takes users on an explorative journey through a series of sound spaces. Each space contains sound bites or separate tracks of original compositions from MEW. Wearing headphones, you’re guided to move your digital device in the direction of the sounds you hear. Move your device in the right direction, and the specific sound becomes clear and perfect in your headphones.

In one space you're on a quest for the drum track, in another it's the vocals. ‘Catch’ the sound with your device to unlock the track and move to the next space.

Each space unlocks a track until you’ve built up to a full song, giving users a sense of how music is built in layers. Get through all three spaces to get rewarded with a bonus track and be able to play around with different unique versions of the new MEW single “Making Friends.”

App for MEW and B&O Play
Concept, Design & Development
FWA, Mobile of the Day
CCA, Brand driven apps, Shortlist
Webby Award, Nominee