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Set Snail

Pack a Puzzle

Pack it up. Pack it in. Let the puzzles begin.

Hello Monday and our friends at Set Snail embarked on a voyage together to build a user experience that tickles the brain and stimulates your reflexes.

The story
Pack a Puzzle started out as a small side project amongst a few Mondayteers that love what they do and shared a passion for puzzles. The result? A lot of love, sweat, and a game that allows you to challenge friends online, send messages and create your own puzzles within the puzzle!

Puzzles have become popular in app stores. A lot of them are solitary pastimes and are missing the feature to play against friends. We live and work in a digital world where you can be in your digital space, yet connecting with people all over the world. We imagined a game where you can have the best of both worlds.
The concept for the travel aspect emerged as we looked back at our earlier years and our love for games was just budding. Who didn’t play tetris and gain that satisfaction of fitting pieces into a confined space? We wanted it to be something less abstract and more relatable to the user. If you’re like us, you’ve packed for a trip in a hurry and are sitting on your suitcase trying to fit everything in that little space!

What initially was a simple idea rapidly unfolded into a thoughtful design with developed features. We set course on our journey to see Pack a Puzzle through, our digital suitcases exceeding weight, and entirely willing to pay the extra baggage fees. This wasn’t going to be just another puzzle.

Pack a Puzzle IOS Game
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