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A revolutionary twist on responsive

We took a unique approach to responsiveness with this highly customizable, looks-good-on-any-device hub for fashion brand RVLT.

The story
Our friends at the fashion company Revolution knocked on our door (literally, their headquarters were right down the hall) and asked us to redesign their outdated site in time for the reveal of their 2012 Fall collection. We jumped at the chance to help our neighbors and used the opportunity to explore a draggable, shuffle-able gridded world with bold colors and quirky photo art direction.

The site was brought to life with heavy use of CSS3 properties and HTML5. We took a different approach to making the site fit different screen-sizes and devices. Try resizing your browser to watch how everything animates out and back into place. Layouts adjust and randomize with each change in screen size, so users are always met with unique combos of imagery and content.
With gestures, swipes and a little bit of magic (also known as physical testing on a lot of different devices), we optimzed the site for tablets and smartphones.
Site design for the clothing company Revolution
Concept, Design & Development
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