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The Nature Conservancy, CA

The Nature Conservancy, CA

Website redesign

Why save a single forest when you can save 100 forests? This is the philosophy of The Nature Conservancy of California, one of the world’s most influential and reliable nonprofit organizations. We created a site experience that showcases the agency’s amazing project content and gave them the digital tools to continue into the future.

The story

TNC’s mission is to find ways for both nature and people to thrive, together. They find real-world solutions in California, and use them to solve big, ecological problems around the world. To help support the launch of a new program aimed at acquiring and engaging younger donors, they needed a website that could showcase all the innovative work they’re doing across the globe.

So we created a platform with immersive, longform storytelling at its core. Ambient video, imagery, audio clips, and sound design come together to let users dive into projects head-first. The entire experience–from sound to color–was inspired by the gorgeous nature of California. We worked with a composer to create unique soundscapes for each story chapter, placing users in the heart of the action, and hopefully, closer to supporting the Conservancy.

To help TNC continue to build out interactive stories, we created a modular system to allow for total customization…from editorial content, to color themes, and a variety of corresponding ambient soundscapes. This system empowers The Nature Conservancy to continue to build the type of engaging, immersive content their new donors crave. The hope is that this type of storytelling can inspire, drive awareness, and encourage more people to give, so that TNC can continue to invest every conservation dollar into solving our planet’s environmental problems by the hundreds.

Website redesign
Digital Branding, Website