UI, UX, Concept

Helping Camp redesign the next generation of toy stores

Camp scoffs at those who say that brick and mortar shopping is dead. In fact, they’re proving the model is alive and well in their successfully launched flagship toy store: a store that’s not just a traditional warehouse experience, but rather a literal playground of surprise and whimsy. The entire brand centers around fun and joy, and they wanted our help bringing that same feeling to their digital platform.

In close collaboration with Camp, we designed a website that delights the user while easily providing necessary information. Parents can seamlessly navigate the site to find fun activities to do with their children as well as quickly sign-up as members to take advantage of Camp’s offerings. We created fun and playful experiences for each of Camp’s rotating, in-store themes, such as Cooking Camp, and Basecamp Camp, to give people a glimpse of what they might expect before they go to the store. Finally, we created an efficiently manageable account and frictionless checkout.

Toy Shelves

We wanted to translate the idea of the shelving system to a digital platform that’s structured yet flexible to use. Just like the physical shelving system, new content should be easy to add, it should be fun and playful.

Visual Language

It was important for us that the digital experience reflected the same joy as going to the flagship store.

Doing it for the kids

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