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The Future Gets Flexible

Polyera is twisting the concept of wearable technology into something that is always on, fully flexible, and completely customizable. After 10 years of developing the technology, they’re finally ready to unleash their product Wove onto the world.

The story

Wove is the world’s first wearable band with flexible display technology. ‘Flexible display technology’ in this case is like taking your iPad, turning the display into a Kindle, and then wrapping the whole thing around your wrist.

But the band’s look and feel has less in common with the wearables we’re used to seeing on today’s bodies, and a lot more with those ubiquitous slap-bracelets worn in the late 80s. We released a teaser site and followed up it with a full experience a few months later to show off the cool features of the band and let creative types (developers, artists, designers) apply for the first Wove prototypes.

The most unusual thing aesthetically about the band is that it doesn’t greet you with a bright glowing screen. Much like the Kindle display, the band uses e-ink, which only shows 16 shades of grey. Concept-wise we let this guide our design principles. Simple, greyscale, nothing flashy.

Experience-wise we realized the big challenge was conveying the physicality of the band to users - showing exactly how it can bend, turn, and twist. We created renderings of the device based on Polyera’s working 3D models, giving users a way to interact and ‘play’ with the band to learn about how it works and what it feels like.

Within the first week of the full-site launch, over 10,000 people applied for a prototype. Those selected will design their own applications, or ‘comps’ for Wove and receive a free device for testing, before the product is available to consumers in the next year. We’ll be developing our own apps internally, and can’t wait to see what the creative community comes up with.

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