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Making spelling F-U-N with Google

What if you could improve your english by playing a game using your voice?

Created with Google Creative Lab, Spell Up is a voice-powered game that helps users improve their knowledge of english spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation. The game is loosely based on the concept of a spelling bee where users are asked to spell a word letter by letter, then pronounce the words afterwards.

Spell Up uses Web Speech API which automatically translates what you say into letters and words. The higher the word tower gets, the more difficult the challenges; you’re asked to pronounce words correctly, solve anagrams, and guess the correct words by filling in the missing letters. Along the way, earn coins to unlock power ups and add more levels to your tower. It can help you build your skills, letter by letter, word by word.

Voice activation

Through voice activation we built an experience that engages the user in spelling in a fun and educational way.

Custom typeface

We illustrated a typeface that was quirky and fun for the kids to play with.

Project awarded:

Creative Circle

Craft - Digital Design, Silver
Digital - Brand and Product Driven Apps and Sites, Gold


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