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NASA GeneLab

Visualizing biology
in microgravity

Cutting-edge biological experiments conducted in space. Discoveries made in microgravity. This is GeneLab, and it’s NASA’s largest open-source database for space life science research.



The Future
Gets Flexible

Polyera is twisting the concept of wearable technology into something that is always on, fully flexible, and completely customizable. After 10 years of developing the technology, they reached out to us to help them finally unleash their product, Wove onto the world.


YouTube Kids

Safe and fun
digital playtime

Together with YouTube, we’ve created an app directed at children so they can enjoy the enormous amount of fun, educational videos available - while parents don’t have to worry that their kids’ explorations lead to adult content.



Fashion meets

Imagine that you can peek into the closets of style icons, raid the racks of every store in the world and curate your own collection of cool clothing. This is the stuff Garderobe is made of. We just added an identity, some well-thought-out UX and a layer of design.



A new kind
of music video

Following The DNA Project, the year-long musical experiment that documented the making of his latest album in real-time, J.Views and Hello Monday teamed up once again to create a new kind of musical experience. It’s the world’s first music video that you, the viewer, direct with every beat of your heart.


ZULU on the brain

If the TV station ZULU was a person he would be your quirky cousin with tourettes who can’t help yelling “PENIS” in the middle of your dad’s emotional speech at your brother’s wedding. We created an on-air and digital identity to match this personality. We call it: Zulu on the brain.

Concept, Identity and Design Generator


National Geographic

A Bear’s-Eye View
of Yellowstone

Follow the journeys of 4 bears navigating the heart of Yellowstone, as seen from the bears’ own point of view. This groundbreaking research that attaches cameras to bears gives us a lens into the never before seen lives of one of the animal kingdom’s most fearsome beasts.



Revamping an old favorite

Since May 2000, The FWA has been celebrating digital innovation. In recent years, the platform was not living up to the ideals it celebrates, so we partnered with the FWA to do a complete revamp and take a legendary digital award platform to the next level.


Google Cloud Platform

Machine Learning

Machine Learning meets abstract expressionism in this thought-provoking video for Google Cloud Platform.



10,000 trees
made digital

Artist Katie Paterson’s work is about natural phenomenon like time, the universe and volcanoes. We became a mix of a rational scientists and poetic artists when we shaped the digital experience to match her newest piece, Hollow.


The Nature Conservancy, CA

Website redesign

Why save a single forest when you can save 100 forests? This is the philosophy of The Nature Conservancy of California, one of the world’s most influential and reliable nonprofit organizations. We created a site experience that showcases the agency’s amazing project content and gave them the digital tools to continue into the future.



An interactive exploration
of identity

Race, gender and social status are among the many ways we define ourselves, but by focusing on our differences we forget a fundamental truth: deep down, we’re all human. This idea inspired Musician Rene Perez, aka Residente, to take a DNA test and travel the world exploring his roots.


Bendy 10

Capturing the spirit
of our time

The ancient myth of Narcissus is becoming more relevant than ever. Obviously, you’re bound to become a bit self-centered when you’re the son of the river god and a nymph, but the story shows us that the pursuit of vanity is often to our own detriment.


Sideways Dictionary

A tool to explain technology
through analogies

When we don’t understand technology terms, it can be hard to make informed decisions. So we made a dictionary to help everyone understand what’s going on.



The Rise of a Small Giant

Essential is proof that you don’t have to be big to do something big. In fact, being big can inhibit you from being innovative or conquering a market.


Witness Change

Fighting for
human rights

In My World is a collaboration with photographer Robin Hammond. The website aims to raise awareness about the impact war, poverty and conflict can have on mental health issues.



We The Fans

We The Fans is a multiplatform storytelling project about life and love as a football fan. In collaboration with ESPN, we created a digital experience exploring the lives of Chicago Bears diehards.


WB Good

Warner Bros. Corporate Responsibility

A new website for Warner Bros. that shines a spotlight on its unique initiatives aimed at lifting new views and voices in the feature film and television industry.