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DIG: Cloud Castles

Cloud Castles, from the game veterans at Digital Insight Games (DIG), is an exciting real-time strategy game incorporating web3/blockchain. The game enables players to collect creatures and fight them in epic battles.

Since Cloud Castles is DIG’s first game, they wanted to wow the audience and build anticipation around the upcoming launch. With such rich game content and Lore, we had a blast coming up with and working through concepts before landing on what you see today.

Users enter through a rock explosion inspired by the shattering of the realm Elisus (watch the Lore video to learn more!). The custom sound provides a truly immersive backdrop that both excites and entices users to delve deeper. Once inside the site, users navigate through a series of 3D floating islands in an ever changing sky. Each island enables users to explore the various aspects of the game, from statues that come to life, to epic battle arenas and more.

We can’t wait for this game to launch!

The Lore

To make DIG’s fantastic concept art really tell a story, we animated each of the stills to make the Lore come to life. We then used this technique throughout the site to create depth and delight.

The Concept

Rather than use traditional navigational elements, we worked with DIG and Dogstudio to use Cloud Castle’s storyline, namely the islands, as navigational elements, creating a user experience that is both exciting and entertaining, just like the upcoming game.

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