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Universal Music for Creators - Putting Creators in the Spotlight

Universal Music for Creators is a new subscription-based music library for content creators, launched by the legendary Universal Music Publishing Group.

With a library of over 50,000 top-quality tracks and 200,000 sound effects, UMPG is the first major music publisher to offer a subscription program of pre-cleared tracks that allow creators - big and small - to add music and SFX to videos and podcasts without having to worry about copyright claims.

Their team came to Hello Monday to help develop a brand identity that would channel the heritage and equity from Universal while adding freshness, energy and accessibility - creating a unique position for this new player in a crowded market. The brand identity is designed to feel reflective of the audience of talented young creators it’s meant to reach: elemental and bold, dynamic and expressive - ready to make a big first impression and constantly evolve.


Universal’s mission is to shine a light on their songwriters, and help creators put themselves in the spotlight. That is why the spotlight is our main brand element, as it embodies both the mission and brand values of individuality, creativity, and self-expression.


The spotlight can be positioned to create different moods and highlight different elements, like pictures, messages, or people.

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