Simple Things


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The best things are the Simple Things

Simple Things offers the most advanced security system in the world. It is the simplest solution for smart home and building automation.

And, because everyone can do with a little more less, the branding and website design had to be minimalist, curated and subtle. A brand and design system that bridges lifestyle benefits and product features. Aesthetics and functionality.
Because we know best things are the Simple Things. 


Hello Monday worked with Simple Things to launch the brand. The brand was built around three pillars. SIMPLE - inherent to the name and promise of the brand. OPEN - a system that allows you to look under the hood, and customise it to your own needs. PRIVATE - a subtlety woven throughout the branding that makes it feel non-invasive wherever it is present, including the logo, font choices and simple color palette.


The website design needed to feel similar to the experience of owning and using the Simple Things products. Highly innovative, but still familiar, uncomplicated, clean and concise. We produced cozy lifestyle images and clean product displays and demonstrations to bring Simple Things to life, in a way that feels effortless and integrated.


The website concept was built around 24-hours of simple things. How would the brand and the product fit into your everyday lifestyle and needs? Why is it useful? What would it look like? Where would it fit in? From the 24-hour experience to the stylized lifestyle and product photography, this was at the heart of the design and user experience.


We worked closely with the Simple Things UX team to create a design system that can work across their platform on different applications, and allow designers and developers to work with a scalable UI language.

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