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The Web Can Do What?! with Google

Unpacking the web’s latest tools, innovations and big opportunities for developers. We collaborated with Google to showcase the capabilities of the web, and open up a world of possibilities for developers in the browser. The things that make you go: “The web can do what?!”

This is more than a showcase. It's a journey through the digital landscape and an open invitation for developers to build for the modern web.


We reshaped the modern web's opportunities into a dynamic deck of digital cards. Each card is a lesson, each flip a revelation – in short, your hands-on guide to the wonders of the web!


We paired each opportunity with playful and animated illustrations. Turning tech tales into Chrome inspired art pieces.

Modular article pages

The articles are built on a modular and flexible system designed to evolve for future needs, just like the technologies it covers. If you don't have time to dive deep into the many things the web can do, we've also got you covered with a snappy tl;dr version so you can explore at your own pace.

Project awarded:


Site of the Day


Site of the Day

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