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Ramasjang Krea App

Working closely with the Ramasjang team at DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), Hello Monday/DEPT developed the Ramasjang Krea App as a place where children can experiment and learn drawing skills in a nurturing environment. 

As part of our mission of changing the world one pixel at a time, one of our focus areas is building joyful experiences and products for kids – strengthening self confidence by teaching creative skills. We put our heart and soul into this work because we truly believe that instilling creativity early in life gives kids a foundation that will carry them into adulthood. Creativity helps us transcend borders and language barriers, solve complex problems together, find relaxation, and immerse ourselves in the joy of making.

Our hope is that the Krea App is a place where kids can lose themselves in their own unique creative flow, freely practicing drawing techniques and creating work they feel proud of.

A safe creative space

As creative professionals, we know the value of absorption into creative tasks. In the Krea App, the Creativity Hut enables immersion by giving kids a safe space for creative exploration. In this space, anything can happen – and it’s truly your own universe.

Real World Practice

Inside the Creativity Hut, we’ve designed a desk shaped drawing board where kids can practice and gain new skills.

To encourage real world engagement and the development of motor skills, many exercises require pen and paper, nudging the child towards classic drawing. We’ve also implemented a mode for tablets that locks features and turns up the brightness so the device functions as a light table.

Kids set the pace

The Tips and Tricks Corner offers guided exercises that increase in difficulty. This step-by-step drawing curriculum lets kids set the pace - so they can take as long time as they need, celebrate their successes, see their own progress - achieving the right difficulty level for each kid along the way. Our aim is to engage and challenge but always support throughout the experience.

Drawing for relaxation

In the Cozy Corner, we get kids drawing beautiful complex patterns. With a very simple effect, the mirror effect pattern drawing turns into an almost meditative practice.

Drawing as Play

The Krea Suitcase encourages play and idea generation by giving kids a grab-bag of tools to bring their drawings to life.

Building Confidence by Celebrating Progress

The ‘My Gallery’ feature let’s kids celebrate their work and their progress, just like the fridge in your kitchen. Kids can put up new drawings, take down old ones, and download and share what they are proud of, gaining confidence in their improving skills.

A Perfect Duo

Our partners at DR Ramasjang believe that one hour of screen time should provide 100 hours of play. Our collaboration with DR has allowed us to realize one of our biggest dreams – giving kids across Denmark access to an experience that helps them learn to draw. A skill that will stay with them, long after the iPad has run out of power.

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