Concept, Illustration, Design

A new brand for YouTube Gaming

Gamers are a tough audience, relentless if something feels displaced within the four walls of the monitor. With that in mind, we knew it would be a challenge when YouTube asked us to make the mark and identity for their new platform YouTube Gaming.

Our solution was found in the history of gaming from the first tournament game ever played Spacewar to Zelda and even Minecraft. Collecting gems and life is essential to many games, so melting together a diamond and a heart seemed like the perfect way to capture esports. Adding these two elements in to our play-grid, developed by us for YouTube, made a recognizable mark that could soothe even the most critical of gamers. Supported by the dark UI universe it felt like the perfect home for gamers all over the world.

Logo Concept

The gaming icon is shaped like a heart, as a tribute to the lives you often have in games.

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